Voted Best New Restaurant - 2001 Winner
--By the Readers of Lifestyle West Magazine

"The restaurant's main attraction is steaks, and at $18.95, Kurt's 14oz. filet mignon is one of the tastiest and most tender you'll find in Waukesha County, though it's price is two-thirds of that charged by the higher-end steakhouses.

...Entrees weren't the only high points of the meal. Appetizers which have become a popular pasttime with diners and drinkers alike, shone brightly."

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dennis Getto 11/00

While this restaurant one-half a mile west of downtown Delafield is new, its owner, Kurt Amidzich is no stranger to Milwaukee. In the 1970's, he was the chef at Sally's Steak House and apparently learned a lot about what Milwaukeans like for dinner.

One of their favorite things is steak, and Kurt's 14 oz. filet mignon topped with mushrooms and onion rings fills the bill quite nicely. Other old time favorites include pan-fried pork chops...and excellent veal marsala.

An extended stay in Florida made its mark on Amidzich, seafood now shows up on the regular menu and in daily features. At lunch Kurt's grilled yellow fin tuna sandwich is hard to beat; at dinner its hard to resist the shrimp, which are sauteed in garlic butter and finished with white wine.

With a little luck, you can also enjoy the Chairman of the Board on the sound system.

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "The Magnificent Seven" 12/22/00

Kurt's Steak House
3 stars

In the 1970s, chef Kurt Amidzich made a name for himself in the kitchen at Sally's Steak House. Now he and his son Kurt Jr. are in the kitchen of their own steak house, already drawing throngs who appreciate the quality and value of the meals. Steaks are big business here and excellently done, as are veal and pork chops. It's also a great restaurant for seafood (the shrimp are especially good) and appetizers.

Reviewed Nov. 17, 2000

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