Moy’s delivers flawless service, top-flight Cantonese cuisine

By Norm Starks
Special to the Janesville Gazette
Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Elkhorn – I’ve heard people rave about Moy’s Chinese restaurant for years, but I didn’t have an opportunity to try it until recently.

Moy’s has been housed in an old hotel – which closed more than 40 years ago – for the past 19 years. Manager Sherry Kula said the hotel’s claim to fame is that John F. Kennedy stayed there before he became president.

But the building’s calling card is definitely the restaurant, where owners Paul and Yunli Moy have created a delight for Cantonese food lovers.

I was impressed from the outset when we were taken to a dining room separate from the smoking section. That was nice.

Our server arrived almost immediately, and efficient bus boys were on the spot with water.

Moy’s menu is extensive, so we listened to our two friends’ recommendations because they had eaten there before.

I ordered a specialty of house chicken, a pressed breast with ham. It was batter-fried in peanut oil, served on a bed of Chinese vegetables and topped with toasted almonds. My wife selected the chicken almond ding, while our friends ordered Hong Sue chicken and beef and broccoli.

My wife and I picked an appetizer of Bali-miki, slivers of marinated beef tenderloin cooked on a mini-hibachi at the table, while our friends ordered won ton and hot and sour soup.

Service was impeccable, and our appetizers were delivered within minutes. The Bali-miki was more like small slabs of tenderloin than slivers. Five of them were more than my wife and I could eat together. The meat was tender and deliciously marinated.

I especially recommend the hot and sour soup. I’m not a great fan of Chinese soups, but this one was wonderful.

Our entrees arrived just as we were finishing our appetizers – perfect timing.

You won’t believe the serving sizes at Moy’s. I’m used to large portions at many Chinese restaurants, but these were humongous. My platter – not a plate – of chicken and vegetables was too large for the aluminum top to cover. It was easily large enough to feed two or three people.

I can’t say enough about the house chicken, you have to try it. The pieces were fried to a crispy finish in delicious peanut oil, but they weren’t greasy. I savored every bite but was able to eat only about one-third of my dinner.

My wife’s chicken almond ding was good but it was the least favorite of our dishes. I sampled our friends’ entrees, and they were delicious too. It was hard to find anything to complain about.

Moy’s specializes in Cantonese cuisine and also offers Mandarin hot and spicy selections and a few Hunan dishes.

And they are anxious to season entrees the way you like them. Our server made a special point to offer hot and spicy seasonings on the side for our friend who wasn’t sure how hot he wanted his food.

Prices are reasonable, although some entrees are a little more expensive than at many Chinese restaurants. Our bill including tip was $28.75.

Janesville has good Chinese restaurants, but be sure to stop at Moy’s if you’re traveling eastward. You’ll be glad you did.

 * Prices and items may have changed since the publication of this article. *