Banquet Policies

Contracts and Deposits: To avoid release of your reserved room, a signed contract and a deposit in the amount of twice the corresponding room charge must be submitted. The room will not be held without a deposit and a signed contract. Deposits are nonrefundable. All banquet policies apply to a signed contract.
Room Charges:

There is a $100.00 charge for use of the Fussville Room-North (50 person minimum), a $50.00 charge for use of the Fussville Room-South (25 person minimum), and there is a $150.00 charge for use of the entire Fussville Room (75 person minimum). There is a $40.00 charge for the use of our semi-private back bar for a $300 minimum table plus 18% gratuity. A deposit in the amount of the corresponding room charge is required to reserve any of the banquet facilities. Trysting Place Pub reserves the right to choose the appropriate facility for the size of your banquet party. All staff, rooms and cleanup services are provided with the room charge.

Weddings may reserve the entire hall for the entire day for an additional non-refundable room charge of $500.

Estimates and Selections: No later than 14 days prior to the event, inform the banquet manager of all menu selections, beverage selections, dessert selections, and any other details related to your event. A food purchase is required for everyone that attends your party.
Final Count and Guarantee: Seven days prior to your event, a final count must be specified. If a final count is not specified at least 7 days prior to the event, the highest estimate previously quoted to the banquet manager will be the amount you will be billed for. Trysting Place Pub will not guarantee enough food for more than 10% of the final count on buffets. Trysting Place Pub will guarantee enough desserts to accommodate the final count at one dessert per person.
Food and Beverage: No food or beverage may be brought in by any guest. However, deserts may be brought in from a licensed outside source. For desserts brought in there will be a $.75 per person cake cutting charge. Also, food may not be taken out of the banquet facilities. All leftover food is property to the Trysting Place Pub.
Payment and Charges: All outstanding charges must be paid by either CASH or CHECK or CREDIT CARD at the close of the event. All bills will include an 18% gratuity plus applicable sales tax. Off premise catering events will also include a 7% set-up fee. Prices are subject to change without notice. Tax exempt organizations must submit their tax exempt number prior to the event.
Staffing: Trysting Place Pub will provide staff to properly service your event.
Entertainment: Band or other entertainment arrangements are to be made by the booking party itself. Facilities must be vacated by 12:00am unless previously negotiated with the banquet manager. Trysting Place Pub reserves the right to maintain an acceptable sound level.
Decorations: To avoid damage when decorating, the use of duct tape, masking tape, thumb tacks and nails are prohibited. Any damage by guests incurred to Trysting Place Pub premises will be paid for by the booking party. The booking party takes full responsibility for the actions of their guests.
Liability: Booking party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless any and all claim to lost, stolen, missing or damaged equipment or personal belongings.