Eagan's - CLOSED

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Come and savor all that is Eagan’s. Offering a cosmopolitan atmosphere, the stunning dining room boasts French impressionist murals and the friendly and knowledgeable staff will cater to your every need. A Milwaukee Landmark, Eagan’s reputation as one of the top restaurants in the city continues to grow with each passing year. Daily seafood deliveries promise you the freshest seafood available with up to 6 varieties of oysters presented in the most extensive raw bar in the city on any given night. The menu also offers an excellent selection of land lovers’ entrees and salads. Although known for its food, Eagan’s is much more than a restaurant. Located in the middle of Milwaukee’s busiest night life, it’s busy bar is one of the largest in the state. Whether the start of your visit to the entertainment district or your last stop, Eagan’s is one-of-a-kind and not to be missed.