Michael's House Of Prime

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For over 80 years our small supper club on Pewaukee Lake has been family owned and serving diners delicious slowed cooked prime rib and other wonderful entrees and appetizers. While the families have changed, names like Gus Frank, Duke Mitchell, Ray and Dorothy Anderson along with their children, Debby, Judy, and Michael have each carefully taken on the responsibility of bringing great food with equally great service. Near the end of December 2016 this responsibility passed to David and Rick Buckley, patrons of this iconic restaurant for over 50 years, to continue to build on the success of this family owned restaurant.

Both David and Rick live within 5 miles of Michael’s and one, or the other, or often times both are there to welcome you, and do their best to insure a positive experience, whether it is a crafted cocktail or glass of fine wine or a wonderful dinner of prime rib or one of our many new featured entrees created by our chef.

Yes, changes have been made to the decor, the expanded and up-graded wine list, and to the menu. The interior has been brightened up and the menu has also been lighten up to provide interesting, yet lighter, entrees permitting more choices in your dining experience. The one dish that hasn't changed, is our time honored, slow cooked prime rib, it is awesome. Fridays are still special with a great offering of lightly dusted and fried cod, perch, bluegills, and walleye.

We offer free Valet parking for your convenience.

We hope to see you soon!