Buffet Menu
Sit Down up to 225
Buffet up to 450

Your Choice of:

Chicken & Ham - $17.75
Chicken & Roast Pork - $17.75
Chicken & Roast Beef -$18.75
Chicken & Swiss Steak -$19.50

Real mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade dressing, vegetable,
Cole slaw, relishes, pickles, jello*, dinner rolls, coffee, milk
* Buffet only

Prices reflect cost per plate. 
A 15% service charge & 5.5% sales tax for buffet and 20% service charge and 5.5% sales tax  for sit down will be added.

Interested in adding some German fare to your menu, we would be delighted, please inquire.


Half Barrel—$240.00
House Champagne or Wine—$22
Champagne Fountain &
Case of House Champagne—$250.00
Punch—$43.00    Soda—$1.00

Extra charges would include:
Linen Table Cloths - $3.25 per table (works out to be about $70-80) These are required.
Linen or Paper Napkins - $.20-.40 per piece.  May bring in your own.
Cake Plates - $.20 – may bring your own.

Cutting of the cake - $50 – your party may cut it.


* Items and prices subject to change without notice. *