February 28, 2001

Silvercrest Restaurant
W7015 Hwy. 21 East
Wautoma, IL 54982

Attn: James Heck

Dear James:

My name is Tracy Stange and I visit your facility in Wautoma at least 3 times a year. The reason I am writing this letter is because every time my boyfriend and I go to Silvercrest, we always get great service.

Every time we eat at your location, we get the Surf and Turf or Fin and Filet. Every time a server comes to our table, they are very polite and courteous to us. They make us feel like family. I will be up at your location this weekend.

I know that you may hear this a lot. But, I thought you should know. People may call about complaints, there are times that you get a great customer who loves what you do and would like it to be recognized. Don't change a thing. Everything is great.

Thank you in advance,

Tracy Stange

4 September 2001

Mr. Mike Pfaller
The Silvercryst
Wautoma, WI.

Dear Mike,

On Friday, August 31, 2001, I brought twenty seven hungry, thirsty members of Allied Masonic Degrees to your establishment for a night of delightful dining prior to returning to the Masonic Center there in Wautoma for our meeting.

As usual, you had a tremendous crowd waiting to be served.

I had made reservations for twenty four, but at the last minute, a member from Wausau had his Mother-in-Law drop in from Germany, so we had twenty seven people show up. I talked to the young lady that was seating people and she was most courteous and accommodating. She did an outstanding job in moving people around and getting them seated.

We all ordered off the menu and were promptly served. The food was great, our two waitresses were terrific and it was, to say the least, a most enjoyable start to a great evening.

I wrote down the names of the young lady who seated us and the two waitresses, but I have misplaced the list. I just want to thank you and commend your fine staff. I think her name was Cindy.

This is the fourth time that I have brought a Masonic Group to the Silvercryst and I look forward to many more such occasions.

Please convey our gratitude to those staff that I have mentioned. We are most appreciative.


Richard J. Reilly

what's happening
Where's the beef? At Silvercryst, of course!

By Melanie Stake

Before dining at Silvercryst, I thought it somewhat odd that the Wautoma restaurant should have a large statue of a bull greeting patrons entering from Hwy. 21. However, after hearing many fine reviews about its steaks - including one from my meat-connoisseur husband, Matt - I've decided that the statue is a perfect symbol of the strengths of the hundred-year-old restaurant/re-sort.

Matt suggested that we go to Silvercryst on a Wednesday evening this summer, which also happened to be our wedding anniversary. When I say "we," I mean Matt, me, and our 16-month-old daughter Maria (as all you parents know, there are few intimate, romantic dinners out after you have children - even on your anniversary).

We arrived early soon after the supper club opened for the evening, a little after 5 p.m., since we had heard that the popular dining destination gets very busy. Once inside the establishment's doors, we descended some stairs softly illuminated by lights on either side.

When we arrived in the main restaurant, a lounge and two attractive dining areas presented themselves - a lakeside dining room overlooking the north shore of Silver Lake, and a hillside dining room, providing a lovely terrace-like view of flowers, bushes and trees.

We were immediately seated in the lakeside dining area, decorated in Victorian style in shades of dark green and burgundy. I recognized the melodies of Chopin in the soft classical music playing in the background. With the beautiful room, view and Maria momentarily napping in her car seat on the floor next to our table, it was almost romantic. When I opened the menu, though, I had to question Matt's motives concerning the timing of our visit to Silvercryst: Was the cause for the visit our anniversary or the fact that one of that night's specials was chef's prime steak?

The prime steak, naturally, was what Matt ordered, but I'm more of a seafood-type person myself. The day's second special, one-pound Alaskan crab leg, was tempting, but since that sounded kind of tricky to eat - especially for an uncoordinated person like me - I settled on golden fried jumbo shrimp instead. Both entrees were very reasonably priced. Although we decided to save our appetites for the main course, the mozzarella sticks, potato shells, whole buttered mushrooms and onion rings sounded wonderful. The wine list was also impressive; the menu even suggested types of wine to order with each entree.

Matt found the prime rib to be tender, juicy and cooked just right. My shrimp was tasty as well, even though I ate most of it with a cranky toddler sitting on my lap. Both dinner entrees were served with salad, choice of potato and a roll basket.

Since we live near Wautoma, we were sure to investigate the other daily specials, too: Monday, Alaskan baked salmon; Tuesday, one-pound pork chop; Thursday, barbecue pork ribs; Friday, fish fry; and Sunday, chicken. Many of these specials are all-you-can-eat - a big plus in Matt's book.

In addition to the prime rib, other great steaks served up at Silvercryst are sirloin, beef tenderloin and beef tips. Aside from the seafood entrees mentioned above, other superb selections on the menu include Idaho rainbow trout, rock lobster and Canadian walleyed pike. Combination platters, smaller portions of some entrees and a children's menu are also offered. I've also heard good things about Silvercryst's homemade pizzas as well. We left too full for dessert (and too tired to deal any longer with Maria!), but that menu was promising as well: gourmet cheesecakes, carrot cake and ice cream sundaes. Maybe next time.

Food isn't the only thing that brings in people from all over the area. Silvercryst is known for its live entertainment on weekends. Other amenities at this "rustic resort?" A 13-room motel with spectacular views of Silver Lake.

Established in 1895 by William Walker, the Silvercryst is even older than the city of Wautoma. A succession of talented owners has operated the Silvercryst Supper Club and Motel through the years, with Mike Pfaller and James Heck in ownership since April 2000.

So ... Much the same way you hit the breaks when you see a deer by the side of the road in Waushara County, if you see the Silvercryst bull, slow down and stop. You'll be glad you did.